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smart iptv

smart iptv is one of the best applications to watch IPTV subscription in high quality



Bay IPTV is a paid application that operates all types of subscriptions and is fast



Kemo IPTV An easy-to-use application with very beautiful features, it is recommended to use it

How to Setup Guru iptv

Having Guru iptv on your Android TV is pretty simple and straightforward. Once you have the app downloaded on your device, you can easily sign in to your existing Guru iptv account, or create a new one. Once you are signed in, it’s time to get set up and start watching! But wait – How do you setup Guru iptv? That’s what we’ll show you below. If you are reading this article, chances are that you just purchased a new Android TV device or set-top box from another vendor such as Amazon or LG. Since all these devices ship with Google services preinstalled as standard, it should be easy for users to install third-party apps without much effort.


Watch Guru iptv on Android TV

To start watching Guru iptv on your Android TV, you first need to make sure that the app is installed on your device. Once you have purchased and downloaded the app from the Google Play Store you can then proceed to launch the app and start watching IPTV. It is important to note that not all Android TV devices will be able to run Guru iptv. The recommended device for Guru iptv is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Other Android TV devices may work with the app, but may struggle with the hardware requirements of Guru iptv.


Install Guru iptv and Register

Once you have downloaded the Guru iptv app on your Android TV, you can then launch the app and proceed to sign up for a new account or login to your existing account. Before you can watch IPTV, you will have to activate your account and link a valid subscription to your account. Guru iptv offers monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. The different plans that are available are Standard, Premium, and Premium Super. You will have to select the plan and duration that suits you best.


Select Your Language and Country

After you have selected your subscription plan and linked it to your account, you will then be prompted to select your language and country. This is where you will select the language for the app. The language selection is important if you are interested in watching content in your native tongue. The country selection will determine the content that will be available to you. The content selection is determined by the broadcasting laws of the country you select.


Watch Live TV with Guru iptv

Since you now have your account activated and linked to your subscription, you can now proceed to watch live IPTV with Guru iptv on your Android TV device. The Guru iptv app is a very simple to use app. Once you have launched the app, you will be taken to the home screen which will display all the available channels on your subscription. You can then select the channel that you wish to view and the app will start streaming the channel directly. The Guru iptv app also comes with a sleek modern design that gives it a modern feel. The app also features a very intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to navigate through channels. The home screen displays a grid of channels that are available on your subscription. You can then select the channel by pressing the select button on your remote control. You can also search for channels and content by pressing the search button on the remote control. You can also use the instant guide to quickly navigate through channels and find the content that you are looking for.



Guru iptv is a great Android TV app that lets users enjoy live TV streaming from a wide range of channels from across the globe. The app is a fantastic solution for users who want to setup an IPTV set-up without the cost of an IPTV Subscription. If you are looking for a way to replace your cable TV subscription or just want to enjoy a wide range of channels on your Android TV device, then KEMO IPTV is a great solution.

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